Giving Back- The Butterfly Effect

Thank you for taking the time to visit Moda Métiers. For my 11-year-old self, the thought of owning and running several businesses was a distant dream. That was the age I immigrated from Bulgaria to Turkey with my parents. I remember clearly standing at the border, looking at all of us coming into a new land, carrying all of our worldly possessions, and thinking:

“The only way out of this is through education.
If I want to achieve anything, I need to get a good education.”

When I started school in Istanbul, I hardly spoke the language, and there were 84 students in one classroom. My parents didn’t have jobs as they were immigrants in a country they barely knew. It did not look hopeful, but everything I am today, I owe to education.

That’s why I’ve pledged to offer my strategic consultancy services for free to businesses that are three years old or less and that have been started by refugees who have recently been displaced because of war, violence, conflict or persecution. Anyone who thinks they may qualify just needs to get in touch by email and we will pass them through a pre-screening process to get started.

In addition, 10% of the income generated from Moda Métiers is donated to the UN Refugee Agency to support the education of child refugees from around the world.

This is my way of giving back, and of somehow paying it forward. I hope that I can support at least one child or business through a cause that is very dear to my heart. I know from experience that the littlest of positive actions can have the biggest impact – just like the flutter of a butterfly’s wing.

Giving Back


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