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Training & Workshops

The current environment in retail, fashion and luxury, is as challenging as ever. These challenges require an agile, effective and impactful approach. Created by Neri herself, training from Moda Métiers combines Neri’s own personal experience of starting and running a successful luxury brand, with the latest business research from her academic studies. Each course provides practical tools and in-depth insights into how to become an effective leader, by having a better understanding of your business and knowing how to respond to your business’s ever-changing needs. Neri has worked with people across the industry from students and start-ups to CEOs and established brands, helping individuals and teams, create lasting, positive and measurable change.

The subject, scale and duration of the course is fully tailored to your business needs, offering a bespoke curriculum. Sessions can be held in your office, or over live video – whatever your needs, Moda Métiers can develop the right course for you.

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Training and Workshops

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For free and low-cost learning materials, please see our resources page to discover books and talks by Neri, online courses and resources. If you’d like to learn more about how you can boost your business with Moda Métiers, please leave us a message.


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