September 15, 2021 by Neri Karra

Becoming a Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur with Tina Bhojwani

When you think about a sustainable fashion entrepreneur, your mind might go straight to a creative, luxurious place. Maybe you wonder how they got there, what connections they had to make, or maybe you are already on this path and wonder how you can continue to grow your business without risking its integrity.

No matter what stage of the business you’re in, we are sure today’s enriching conversation will encourage you to keep moving forward on your entrepreneurial journey.

Please help us welcome the great Tina Bhojwani to the Moda Métiers Visionaries Podcast.

Tina is the CEO and co-founder of New York-based vegan footwear brand, AERA.

This creative entrepreneur has spent her entire career in the fashion world. Her early years included an entry-level position in Donna Karan in New York and London, to later continue developing while working for Theory, before culminating her corporate journey as the President of Dolce & Gabbana in North America.

Throughout this conversation, our positive impact-driven guest shares how working in business development forged her entrepreneurial soul and why after all those years collaborating with other fashion companies, starting her own shoe brand felt like the right thing to do.

Tina also shares great advice for those wanting to create a positive and sustainable impact through fashion. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

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CEO and co-founder of AERA New York, Tina Bhojwani

In this episode, we cover:
– How Tina first got into fashion.
– How Aera Shoes was born.
– The process of getting the butterfly mark certification.
– Challenges Tina faced at the beginning of her business and how she overcame them.
– Advice for those getting started in the fashion industry.
– What a typical day for a fashion entrepreneur looks like.
– What Figure Eight Store is all about.

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– Find them on Instagram @aeranewyork
– Visit Figure Eight’s website at

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