December 1, 2021 by Neri Karra

Developing an Innovative Skincare Brand with Noelly Michoux

Some people believe that everything that can be invented has been invented already. While this is partly true, there is another entwined factor that comes into the invention scene: innovation.

Today’s episode is filled with inspiration, innovation, and relentlessness.
Our guest, Noelly Michoux is the CEO and founder of 4.5.6 Skin – a custom skincare brand for melanin-rich skin. Her story is one to learn from and her success to look up to. Noelly is an immigrant originally from Cameroon who broke stereotypes by becoming a successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry.
Her early years of struggling to find a suitable product for her skin type led her to identify a gap in the market which later on translated into an innovative skincare product line now sold all over the world.

During this sparkling conversation, Noelly covers everything from what spurred her interest in the beauty industry to the roadblocks she overcame to launch her brand, to some interesting facts about skin types and products.
Our guest knows best how skin health can impact one’s confidence and has become an expert at embracing diversity by creating personalized skincare backed by research and science.

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CEO and founder of 456 Skincare Noelly Michoux

In this episode, we cover:
– What empowered Noelly to start her skincare brand.
– Initial steps in her entrepreneurship journey.
– The process of creating authentic, signature formulas for her business.
– How she came up with the name 4.5.6.
– Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.
– How she juggles motherhood, being a wife, and an entrepreneur.

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